Saturday, 10 March 2018

New Faces of Room 27 2018!

There are some lovely new students in Room 27 and they know how to have fun.

              Dominoes are a favourite wet lunchtime activities that keeps the students happy.


Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4, 2017.

Emma from Eco matters came to our school to talk to us about caring for the environment. She also talked about the importance of trees and plants and how they can be used to make medicine; Rongoa Maori.

She got children from the classes present, to help her with mixing some ingredients into a balm for healing scratches and cuts. The children were really interested in all that was happening. Later she took the children on a walk through the school bush area to name plants and trees and look at how to identify.

                Some honey, crushed Manuka leaves and oil were part to the mixture for the balm.

The team are ready for action.

Year 6 Graduation was an important event.


Time to tidy the class equipment!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Term 3 Activities

                     Room 27 students are doing their stretches as a warm up to netball activities.

                                       Knee bends help to get their calf muscles stretched.

                                              Now they are playing a game of ins and outs.

                                    Waiting and listening to instructions keeps them alert.
                                                        I wander who has got the ball?
                                                           Looks who has got the ball now.

                                                                     Passing in threes.

                              They have learnt how to do chest passes, bounce passes and lobs.

                       Our buddies from Room 26 have come to share their weaving with us.

 We think our buddies are so clever.

Museum Visit

         Our class had a trip to the Auckland Museum as part of out Social Studies Inquiry Topic.
 Arriving at the museum.

                                                Students visit 'Weird and Wonderful'.

                                         Comparing size with the Moa and dinosaurs. 

                                                     The volcanic area kept them busy.

 Students lifting the various rocks.

Students are lining up to go inside the earthquake house.

Ancient Civilization area.

 Relaxing inside the Maori meeting house.

Visiting the olden day classroom.

Old school milk trays.

What an awesome experience for all of us.